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With the help of Webpros2 and Maggie we went from start up to over a million dollars in annual sales in 14 months. We surpassed our sales goals by 35% and it would not have been possible without the tips and tricks to that Maggie taught us about online marketing. We now have THE best SEO available which has brought us many new customers that would not have found us without your valuable advice. In addition to driving revenue to our door your level of customer service has been outstanding. The tools that you taught us to implement are pushing our sales through the roof! Any business owner would be crazy to not use your services. We have told everyone we know to contact you because we know you will help them succeed and understand all there is to know in what could be a confusing world without your clear and concise business development techniques.

George Lane

Maggie is my online hero! Websites, marketing, social media, she has shown me the ins and outs that I didn't know were possible. Simple changes that make a world of difference. She is always available, easy to work with and oh so helpful. Whether a quick question, in depth idea or just getting started, I recommend you call Maggie - you will not be disappointed! Thank you, Maggie, for sharing your wisdom & knowledge - my business is on its way to the next level!

Karen Taddeo

Ohh Maggie I always feel 100% better after we chat! You always lift my spirit up so there's no second guessing if I'm doing the right thing or not. I can silence my critic and get right back to working on my painting! You are an excellent coach I would highly recommended you in a heart beat! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, you are an amazing soul!

May Porter

Thank you Webpros2 and Maggie for helping me understand the importance of social marketing. Like most business owners, I just didn't have the time to learn everything myself but I knew I had to have a good presence. The LinkedIN and facebook help was the most important and valuable for my business. Great job and I have full confidence and trust in Webpros2. I highly recommend them!

Teresa Tilley, C.N.C.

Maggie Holbik from Webpros2 has been an excellent source for guidance on the topics of online marketing and social media strategic marketing. When I was in a pinch she came through! Thank you for getting me started Maggie.

Dan Dampier, Wolfhead Coffee

Maggie has been working with us now for over three years and has been an incredible help with pointing out all of the finer points of social media marketing. Little tricks which the average user may not see if they don't take the time to click on every drop down menu or read the fine print behind the scenes. I really didn't know that there are certain times of the day when different target markets are more active on Facebook and Linkedin, but I guess it only makes sense, some of us (like me) just don't think like this. Thanks Maggie and I look forward to many more years working with you and Webpros2

Andy Radlgruber

Thanks so much for taking the time to teach me some digital marketing tools it would have taken me Forever to figure out myself!! You make things seem so easy, and now I know they are!!!

Michelle Spakowski

Maggie--you have provided such wonderful advice for my business marketing, through ideas for my website, guidance on social media and how to use my time more efficiently when marketing. I would still be struggling if it was not for your guidance. And I always know you are only a quick phone call away when I need help...always hands-on!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Lori-Anne Nelson

Maggie Thank-you sooooo much for all your help and guidance, and most of all your enthusiasm and knowledge. You help in particular, for Bliss Cafe, has helped tremendously, especially when it came to our Facebook Page:)) I so need help in this online world:))))) and your help made the process so easy. I would highly recommend Maggie and Webpros2 for help with online marketing for your business.

Helen Liba, Bliss Cafe

 I have a very professionally done responsive website: "Your Choice Thermal Imaging" that I am very pleased with. The process of designing flowed easily and efficiently. I feel that I got my best bang for the buck. The tech support is reliable and knowledgeable. What I like best is that I can make all my own changes so there is no need to wait for someone else and pay yet again. Expansion is limitless. Within the first week that I had my site up and running I had someone book an appointment. Social media training and support with Maggie is an added bonus that comes along with dealing through webpros2. I highly recommend webpros2.

Suanne Howes, 



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I believe......

That life is meant to be meaningful, joyous, and happy. That we are creatures of love and empowerment. That we are here to design and create lives that not only "work" but that have meaning and fulfillment for ourselves and for those around us. That we can be the best that we can be if we so choose. … or that perhaps creating a life of "simple things" is what may better serve us. It is not what we create, but that we CAN create the ideal life for us. That balance in life and work not only IS attainable but can be fun and rewarding.

… Maggie

"The reason I chose Maggie is because she is so genuine and caring. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable speaking with her. I knew that my secrets were safe with her – the real me was safe with her. Her sense of humour didn’t hurt either! She’s pretty remarkable really.

I’ve always felt that I’m on my way to “something or somewhere” and feeling increasingly stressed out that I didn’t know what or where. I’m still not sure of the final destination, but now I know that I’m looking forward to the journey!"

.... Madge R

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