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Maggie Holbik, CLC, CHN, NNCP

Maggie Holbik is a Certified Life Coach,  Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner . She has been a Co-owner of Superior Shores Wellness Centre for the Past 12 years. She is also a past winner of the Paro “Woman of Distinction” Award. Maggie has certification in Nutrtitional Studies  & Application, Vegetarian Nutrition, Natural Health Fundamentals and in Nutrition for Sports & Exercise. She holds a diploma with the Alive Academy of Natural Health and is a Board Certified Nutritionist with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners. Maggie is also an Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner.  Maggie brings many years of study, experience and training on wellness of body, mind and spirit to her practice. She has a passion for helping others to live in joy and to live with passion and purpose. Maggie offers coaching both one-on-one and Group Coaching. She is a Speaker, Lecturer and Workshop Facilitator.


Suanne E. Howes, C.T.T, N.C.

Suanne E. Howes, C.T.T has been a Co-owner for 12 years of Superior Shores Wellness Centre. Suanne is a winner or the Paro Award " Woman of Distinction". Her 25 years working in the library field coupled with her desire to help others obtain wellness has been a lifetime passion. With the statistic rising to 1 in every 8 women developing breast cancer in their lifetime Suanne has made her specific focus breast health prevention and awareness. Environmentalist, Internationally Certified Thermal Imaging Technician, Nutraceutical Consultant and community volunteer in the areas of the performing arts, mental health and animal rights and protection.


“Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well & Flourish”

Thermal Imaging

Breast Thermography is a breakthrough imaging procedure where infrared images of the breasts are analyzed and rated to determine the risk of developing breast cancer. It is non-invasive and painless - no radiation or compression is used. Safe for all ages.

Live Blood Analysis

The study of live blood under a microscope is a window into the body showing the underlying health of the individual. There is a correlation between patterns in the blood and abnormalities in the body. Blood Cell Analysis may reveal Low levels of iron, protein, B12, folic acid and fatty acids

Blood Analysis May Reveal:

  • Incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins, Digestive enzyme & Hydrochloric acid deficiencies
  • Signs of liver stress, candida albican yeast, parasites, and hormonal imbalances
  • Free radical cellular damage
  • Atherosclerotic plaque
  • Toxic heavy metals
  • Poor circulation
  • Cell size & shape abnormalities due to immune system disorders
  • Organ stress and toxicity
  • Uric acid crystals & risk for gout
  • Allergies
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • AND much more

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from counseling. The Life Coaching process

Is future focused and involves addressing specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what the obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life or business you desire.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching can be very advantageous for both individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Coaching and Mentoring helps to determine solid business goals, creative plans of action and the implementation of useful strategies to reduce expenses and increase profits.

Social Media Coaching

Social Media is the most powerful marketing and branding platform in history. By learning simple techniques business owners and individuals alike can maximize their marketing and branding efforts.

Raw Food Classes & Education

Join us by participating in various Raw Food Classes at Workshops via The Bliss Café.

Nutritional Supplementation

Providing the body with key nutrients is vital in maintaining homeostasis. There is a lot of confusion as to what is needed, how to supplement, finding quality choices, etc. We take the guess work out of it and help you to explore options that may work for you.

Janis Aylward - Registered Psychotherapist

Janis Aylward is a highly skilled Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Energy Healer.  Janis has studied Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques and advanced Psych-K as well as Cognitive Therapy Techniques while always coming from a societal influence. She has been working successfully in this field for twenty five years. Currently Janis is specializing in working with people who wish to release behaviours that are no longer serving them. Behaviours such as compulsive over eating, worry, sex, anger, smoking, gambling, shopping, substance abuse, co-dependency and others. To add to her many skills she recently studied a newer method of emotional release known as “feeling state” EMDR that has proven extremely successful for treating such behaviours. This method can stop most of these behaviours in as little as one to five sessions. By stopping these compulsive behaviours it changes ones energetic vibration so a person can self-actuate emotionally, physically and spiritually. Please contact her by either method: phone number 623-2692 or (both confidential). We are happy to announce that Janis is working as an affiliate of Superior Shores Wellness Centre located in the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel. Janis is open to working to assist clients even further by implementing a sliding scale method of payment. Lastly, Janis is a registered psychotherapist with The Ontario College of Psychotherapists and is recognized by some employment assistant programs, native benefits and other extended health care benefits plans such as Blue Cross. 

Biofeedback Technology

You get feedback on over 9800 items after a 4 minute non-invasive test – anything from vitamins, minerals, hormones, toxicity, sensitivities, pathogens, and much more.


Meditation is a great way to reconnect with your inner self, reduce stress and tap into numerous health benefits. There is no one way to mediate and there are many forms that people may find beneficial.

Craniosacral Therapy

Cranial sacral therapy (also known as craniosacral therapy) is a gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain.

Cranial sacral therapy seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and can decrease stress from chronic injuries as well as provide relief from migraine headaches, neck and back pain, temporomandibular joint disorder (the inflammation of the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull) and more.

Stress Management

No one escapes exposure to stress. Whether environmental, emotional, or physical, stress is one thing everyone needs help managing. We offer various solutions, therapies, and nutritional support for combatting stress.

Home Assessment Consults

Your home can be contributing to you sickness and/or wellness. We teach simple and effective things you can implement into your daily living that can make a huge impact!

Science Based Supplemental Support

We specialize in both Science Based Supplementation and Whole Food Concepts, working with individuals to develop wellness plans that meet their needs and budget.

Workshops & Lectures on Various Topics

Topics Include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting Joyful Living
  • Finding Joy in Your Life & Work
  • Natural Health Seminar
  • Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening
  • It’s Cool to be Healthy – For Kids/Teens
  • Savvy Supplementation Choices
  • Simple Steps for Optimal Health
  • Protocol to Assist in Cancer Prevention
  • Digestive Health
  • Financial Health
  • Business Health
  • The Holistic Home
  • Breast Health
  • Raw Food Classes via Bliss Cafe
  • Bliss Cafe - Let food be thy medicine
  • Living the Low G.I. Lifestyle
  • Breast Health
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Stress Reduction

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