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Life Coaching in general is designed to access and utilize inner wisdom to make career, business and personal decisions on this journey called life. Holistic Life Coaching takes in the entire person Body, Mind and Spirit, assisting people to realize their greatness. The focus of one on one coaching allows individuals to design their ideal life and encompass their unique passions and desires. The Life Purpose Process is focused and results oriented. In even just one session people often experience clarity and personal empowerment helping them to move forward in their lives.

Business Coaching & Consulting


Business coaching is available through Crystal Clear Coaching. In particular Maggie specializes in small business and entrepreneurial marketing. Because of her diverse back ground in business, marketing and property management, Maggie offers consulting and marketing ideas as well. She especially enjoys inspiring women to become successful and dynamic members of the business community and a vital instrument in today's economy. Maggie also offers coaching on utilizing Social Media such as Facebook to both enhance people's business and to reach a larger market.

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Nutritional Consulting

A nutritional consultation is an assessment of health and vitality in the natural context of your whole life experience, including physical, emotional, social and environmental circumstances. Together we will look at nutritional choices, supplemental options for you if applicable, education and lifestyle modifications in a non-invasive way to empower you towards self-healing, increased health and maximized vitality.

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