Motives® Fiber Lush Mascara 


Motives Fiber Fiber Lush is a single process fiber extension lash mascara which creates dramatic volume and length with an exclusive clump free, flake free formula! In addition it is cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedagenic, paraben free and smudge free.

Here is what my customers have had to say and they truly can't say enough about it :-)

I tried my new mascara on Friday... I was feeling down and wanted to lift myself up so I got out my make-up and for the first time in 7 years I put on some make-up. I just used a little powder, some lipstick, a little blush, I did my eyebrows and added the mascara... wow love that mascara... you don't need much to make a huge difference... it goes on so smoothly and doesn't burn my eyes (that's why I quit wearing mascara 7 years ago... and makeup without mascara makes you look incomplete). It did make me feel better. I like that it doesn't smear or flake or smudge... or clump... thanks, Maggie.

Terry Dunn Nelson

Maggie really knows her stuff and the quality is amazing! Since I got the Fibrelush mascara I've thrown out all the rest of my mascara.

Kathie Tuhkanen

I love this mascara so much, believe me I have tried them all and they cost way more money than the fiber lush.., there is NO comparison!!!!


OMG I can't believe how amazing this mascara is. I now have full eyelashes. I put my regular mascara on one eye and the fiber lash on the other and WOW what a difference! Girls, you gotta get this mascara. You will have wonderfully full eyelashes in an instant.

Judie Thompson, The Reflexology Room

 I am currently using this Mascara & love it!!! I would certainly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a mascara who's looking for volume!!!

Sandy McIntosh

There is nothing on the planet like it and I say that from years of experience of working with many product lines.

Carol, Makeup Artist

I really like it! I like that it's non clumping and isn't too heavy for daytime/ professional use but that I can add an extra coat if I want a more dramatic look.

Danielle Wilson

Truly is awesome mascara...does not irritate eyes.. flake..,and last all day! Nothing I have ever tried is comparable & I have tried them all! 

Sharon Szostak

Bought the mascara!!!! Totally amazing, it really does make you look like you have expensive false eyelashes on. Surprise ladies..... One or two strokes is all it takes for fuller longer beautiful lashes that are better than salon eyelashes......definitely worth the money. I am a total fan, it's my new go to mascara!!! Thanks Maggie

Leanne Klassen

Maggie.. I've gotta tell you , I have worn the mascara every day since I got it !!! Every single day, I love it and I'm a make up girl !!

Teryl Morris Cocks

OMG I can't believe how amazing this mascara is. I now have full eyelashes. I put my regular mascara on one eye and the fiber lash on the other and WOW what a difference! My eye lashes have never looked so full. I love it!  Girls, you gotta get this mascara.  You will have wonderfully full eyelashes in an instant.

Judie Thomson

I love the new mascara, it is simply amazing 

Susan Radl Sulijo 

Lovin the Motives mascara! I must say, it's the first mascara I've had to deliver on its promise! I've tried many more expensive brands..... but they don't do it! I've found my new line! The money back guarantee sold me- one happy customer! Thanks

Tamara Mroz

I ordered the Fiber Lush mascara through MaggiesMakeup and fell in love instantly. Before, I was using a two-step fiber lash mascara (fiber in one, gel in another) and I hardly ever had time for the application process in the mornings before work... Fiber Lush has given me ONE step and ONE application with a much better result! I'll forever be an advocate for this Fiber Lush mascara! Thank you Maggie for introducing me to such a wonderful product!

K. Gulbrandson

Hey Maggie, I just want to let you know how much I love the Motives Fibre Lush Mascara! I'm sort of a "mascara snob" so I never really expect mascaras to work as well as they claim. Well I am here to say this mascara lives up to its claim and then some! Let's start with the shape of the brush. It's design allows the mascara to literally find each and every lash giving each one maximum lengthening and thickening! I am a contact lens wearer and have to be careful with fibers not falling into my eyes and causing irritation. The Motives Fibre Lush Mascara has not caused any irritation to my eyes whatsoever. I will continue to purchase this mascara and encourage all mascara wearers to give it a try. I'm confident they will not be disappointed. Thank you for introducing me to such an amazing product!! About F.A.C.E. with Joan

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