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"Speaking is my passion and my strength..."

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I believe......

That life is meant to be meaningful, joyous, and happy. That we are creatures of love and empowerment. That we are here to design and create lives that not only "work" but that have meaning and fulfillment for ourselves and for those around us. That we can be the best that we can be if we so choose. … or that perhaps creating a life of "simple things" is what may better serve us. It is not what we create, but that we CAN create the ideal life for us. That balance in life and work not only IS attainable but can be fun and rewarding.

…  Maggie

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"The reason I chose Maggie is because she is so genuine and caring.  I immediately felt at ease and comfortable speaking with her.  I knew that my secrets were safe with her – the real me was safe with her.  Her sense of humour didn’t hurt either!  She’s pretty remarkable really.

I’ve always felt that I’m on my way to “something or somewhere” and feeling increasingly stressed out that I didn’t know what or where.  I’m still not sure of the final destination, but now I know that I’m looking forward to the journey!"

.... Madge R.

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  Welcome to my site!

Meet Maggie...  (Proud Recipient of the PARO 2008 Woman of Distinction Award)

Meet Maggie of The Crystal Clear Coaching Co..... Helping People to Remember Their Greatness!

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach with The Life Purpose Insitute.  She is a “rainbow person” who brings many  talents & tools to the table.   In addition to being a Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, Maggie  is also an Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Property Manager, a Reconnective Healing Practioner, and an Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator. 

More about Maggie .....

I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, home of The Sleeping Giant. I am hounoured to live with my soul mate and life partner Don and my daughter Sivanna Rose. Sivanna is a soon to be 7 yr old girl who I believe was sent to me as a divine gift and I am looking forward to a beautiful journey with her.  continue reading 8


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